How to Engage Buyers , Persuade Them and Close a Lot More Deals!

What Is Mindcell Training On-Demand?

The future of sales training is here! Let's face it, you're not here to be average, you're here to be great. If you're a sales professional serious about elevating your income, influence and success, this is the only mentorship training program you'll ever need.
Mindcell Training On-Demand will provide your salespeople & sales leaders with the most effective online sales training to help them consistently surpass sales targets month upon month. 

Psychological training to make them mentally tough and laser-focused to achieve and execute goals. 

Stream any class from our extensive library & join the 'live' training sessions every week and have your challenges or objections answered 'live' in the studio. Now, nothing will stop you from achieving your sales results.
Mindcell Training On-Demand


Increased Closing Rates
Increased Closing Rates
Increased Confidence
Increased Confidence
Increased Mental Strength
Increased Mental Strength
Increased Focus and Productivity
Increased Focus and Productivity
Answers to your biggest challenges with 'LIVE' Training and Q&A Sessions Every Week
Weekly 'LIVE' Training, Coaching and Q&A Sessions with Stephen.  

Accountability and support
Accountability & Support: 
 Exclusive Private Community 

If You Are...

Sales leaders,
Business owners, Entrepreneurs
or anyone who wants to master sales, persuasion, influence and mindset.

What Makes Mindcell Training On-Demand
Different  ?

Mindcell Training On-Demand
The course is just the beginning. As well as being updated consistently with new content Stephen will be delivering 'LIVE' training every week for members. Giving members weekly direct access to Stephen to provide them with answers to their biggest challenges. Stephen's background in Sports Psychology, NLP & Hypnosis provides his students with a unique and effective blend of sales skills and psychological skills so you're perfectly equipped to increase your sales, make more money and live the lifestyle you want.
Mindcell Training On-Demand - Stephen

What You’ll Learn

  • The Mental Game ‘How to Bulletproof Your Mind’
  • ​Prospecting ‘Mastering the Game of Hunting’​
  • ​Pitch Your Deals Like A Pro Would
  • ​How To Overcome Every Objection You Get
  • ​​Your Issues Resolved with 'LIVE' Q&A's Weekly
  •  'LIVE' Training Sessions Weekly + Q&A
  • ​Neuroscience & Psychometrics - Selling To Different Personalities
  • ​Hypnosis & Persuasion Mastery
  • ​How to Influence Buyers & Advanced Sales Skills
  • ​Negotiation & Closing Skills
  • Leadership Lessons & Sales Manager Masterclasses
Mindcell Training On-Demand
After working with Mindcell, my personal sales figures increased by over 300%.

Will Howard, Director Giftpro 
Stephen is exceptional. He turned our sales results on its head. To be more concise he doubled our sales within a week!

Sunil Kara, Owner Bathwise UK London
In the first 3 months of using and implementing Stephen's training, I generated over £842,000 worth of sales for the company. The results speak for themself.

James Keighley, Sales Executive Mac's Truck Sales
Absolute phenomenal coach & sales trainer. Stephen will increase your sales results period! I’ve worked with him for many years now & he is so motivational that you can’t help but get fired up. Highly recommend him. He talks the talk & walks the walk.

Keith Callaway, Managing Partner, Property Wealth Insurance
Our sales team learned different techniques on approaching clients, building client relationship, keeping clients engaged throughout the sales process and closing sales. The results have been amazing and we have seen a growth in our sales with our newest employee who has never worked in sales hitting a sales target of £200K in the first 3 months of joining the team.

Vimal Bhimji, Owner Cattleya Kitchens
Stephen is one of the leaders in sales psychology & leadership. His training can increase your sales fast!

Mark Lack , Founder, Shorten The Gap
*EXTREMELY IMPORTANT EARNINGS DISCLOSURE AND OTHER NOTICES: Absolutely NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise) or taken as any guarantee of results. The above results or claims are not typical.  


'LIVE' Sales, Leadership and Personal Development Coaching Every Month. 

This is your opportunity to receive direct coaching from the UK's leading mental strength sales psychology expert every month.
He is an entrepreneur, author, father and dedicated to helping salespeople become elite!
Stephen is hired globally by business Owner’s, CEO's and Sales Leaders to increase the performance of their sales teams & managers.
With a professional sporting background and over 25 years in sales training, Stephen provides a unique blend of psychology and sales skills that creates mentally strong & positive individuals who take ownership over their daily performance.
With qualifications in executive coaching, psychology, sports psychology, NLP & Hypnosis, Stephen is an expert on the psychology of persuasion and influence.
Some of the companies that Stephen has trained include American Express, Aviva, Popsugar, Lead Forensics, Lifefitness & Aerial Direct (the largest direct business partner of O2 in the UK) to name but a few.
Mindcell Training On-Demand -Stephen
Mindcell Training On-Demand

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